What's Inspiring Me-The Power of Sound.

I've always been interested in sound therapy, but never truly engaged in learning how to use it in my practice. Right before this pandemic, I had the opportunity to learn Biofield Tuning in Portland, Oregon. Lucky for me, I was able to drive down with a good friend, also an ND and truly soak in the experience of learning a new skill in a beautiful setting, in a lovely city.

The class was absolutely incredible. Having learned so many tools in the last decade, I'm always a bit sceptical about paying a whole bunch of money to learn something I may never add to my practice, thus wasting time and money. But, I went into this journey with an open mind and open heart, as I really hadn't done anything like this learning, in a long time.

Some of the stories we heard during the class from the teachers and the participants included incredible transformations and life-changing sessions many had received and some had given. Suffice it to say, the class did not disappoint. I learned a new tool, met some incredible people and did some big healing in those few days. Now, I have begun the journey of using the power of sound in my practice. What I so love about this treatment is the beauty and simplicity of delivering the treatment and the amazing results it can bring to people's lives in such a short time. This work focusses on our biofield, the electric energetic space that surrounds and permeates our bodies. Biofield tuning uses tuning forks to rebalance and relax the nervous system. For me, this is huge as many of the patients I treat have frayed nervous systems and could use some deep relaxation. What a perfect time to learn this skill, right before the onset of COVID-19 and quarantine! I could and did use the tool for distance sessions, let's just say that many adrenals benefited from my new found skill. Since I am still practising, I add this skill to my naturopathic and coaching practices and I have seen some great and almost immediate benefits for my patients. If you're interested in adding a session to your work with me, let me know, I LOVE this work and will continue to practice and improve with every patient I see.

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