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My mission is to help you find your way back to health, well-being and self-love so you can reach your full potential and shine your light on the world. And during these dark times, the world desperately needs your light.


Life can be very challenging. The stress of daily life slowly buries our inner spark until one day we wake up and feel like we’re stuck in quicksand, slowly disappearing.


I know because I’ve been there. Several times, in fact. From battling an eating disorder as a teenager, to managing chronic health challenges, to living through divorce and then the unthinkable: the loss of my teenage son. I thought I might drown in my grief. I thought I might never feel happy or light again.


I was wrong. 


There is a spark in all of us that remains even through the darkest times. And that spark is only waiting for permission to shine its light on the world.


Instead of sinking into despair, I stopped. I took a deep breath and I opened up to the lessons my pain was trying to teach me. I learned to honour my struggles and the memory of my son by nurturing my inner spark. That spark has since grown into a bonfire, ablaze with purpose, presence and joy. 


My purpose is to take my large and diverse toolbox of techniques and protocols to help you clear the physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks getting in the way of your bright, authentic life. 


Every epic journey begins with one simple step—contact me today to find out how I can help you shine. 


From my light to yours,

Katie Branter

Hi. How are you?

I am Dr. Katie Branter. I am, by vocation, a doctor of naturopathic medicine, a functional medicine practitioner, a coach, and a workshop facilitator.

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